R.G and J.T. v. City of Andalusia, AL

Multi-million-dollar judgment in police misconduct case

Amount: $2.3 Million

Two petty criminals from Florid, R.G. and J.T., were trying to rip off a local drug dealer in Andalusia, Alabama. What they didn’t know was the drug dealer was actually the Head of the Narcotics Unit and of Captain the City’s Police Department. Mixing up sage and eggs and cooking it to look like the drug hashish, R.G. and J.T. sold the mixture to the undercover police captain.

The captain became so infuriated when he discovered no drugs in the mixture that he decided to plant marijuana in the mix to get criminal convictions in court. After the men spent four years in Federal Prison, the captain confessed his illegal acts to his new police partner while drunk but later recanted, claiming his rookie partner was a liar. The Soloway Law Firm was able to recover a jury verdict for R.G. and J.T. of $2.3 million in the U.S. District Court in Montgomery, AL.