S.P. v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (Vaccine Act) ($3.8 million)

As a nurse practicing in Santa Rosa County, S.P. thought of the flu vaccine as a necessary preventative measure that saved lives. Unfortunately, she became one of the very rare victims who suffer the side effects of the vaccine when she had adverse reactions to the flu shot she herself received at her family doctor’s office. Numerous shoulder surgeries failed to repair damage caused when the flu vaccine was injected into the joint rather than the arm muscle, and S.P. lost not only her ability to be a nurse, but also required pain management care for life. The attorneys at the Soloway Law Firm recovered for S.P. a final judgment worth over $3.8 million, one of the largest settlements under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in American history.

B.S. v. Crown Partners, Inc. (trip and fall case) ($9.813 million)

B.S. warned the manager of his apartment complex in Pensacola that a hole existed in the grass near the parking lot. Three months went by and grass covered the un-repaired hole. As B.S. walked by, he stepped in the hole falling backwards onto a concrete parking stop, injuring the nerves running from his tailbone to his bladder. B.S. suffered a neurogenic bladder and was unable to urinate without use of a catheter several times a day. The defendant claimed the only damage suffered was a small back injury. The Soloway Law Firm was able to recover a jury verdict for B.S. of $9.813 million, one of the largest such verdicts in the history of Florida.

R.G and J.T. v. City of Andalusia, AL (civil rights case) ($2.3 million)

R.G. and J.T. were two petty criminals from Florida trying to rip off a local drug dealer in Andalusia, Alabama. Unknown to them, the drug dealer was actually a captain of the City’s Police Department and head of its Narcotics Unit. Mixing up sage and eggs and cooking it to look like the drug hashish, R.G. and J.T. sold the mixture to the undercover police captain, who became so infuriated when he discovered no drugs in the mixture that he chose to plant marijuana in it to get criminal convictions in court. After the men spent 4 years in Federal Prison, the police captain confessed his illegal acts to his new police partner while drunk, but later recanted, claiming his rookie partner was a liar. The Soloway Law Firm was able to recover a jury verdict for R.G. and J.T. of $2.3 million in the U.S. District Court in Montgomery, AL.

Estate of T.F. v. FBOP (medical malpractice) ($1.2 million)

After T.F. was arrested in Pensacola the federal judge sent him to the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia for a mental health evaluation to determine his fitness to stand trial. Two months later, T.F. was found dead of dehydration in the facility’s infirmary, face-down and strapped to a bed by a 4-point restraint in an isolation cell. His family hired attorney Daniel Soloway to bring claims in Atlanta, Georgia Federal District Court under the Federal Tort Claims Act. In setting a record at that time for the largest settlement ever made by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Soloway Law Firm was able to recover $1.2 million for T.F.’s child and family.

K.G. v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (Vaccine Act) ($1.02 million)

Immediately upon receiving a flu shot at White-Wilson Medical Center in Fort Walton Beach, K.G. experienced pain, weakness and limited motion in her left shoulder. She retained Mr. Soloway to investigate her vaccine injury, and an expert physician hired by the firm determined that the nurse administering the shot injected the medicine in the wrong location, causing substantial damage. The Soloway Law Firm filed K.G.’s claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and ultimately settled the claim with the U.S. Department of Justice for more than $1.02 million.

M.G. v. Leatherberry (automobile accident) ($1 million)

M.G. was driving on Pace Boulevard in Pensacola, when an oncoming driver turned left in front of her, clearly violating her right of way. Rather than paying to M.G. the minimal $10,000.00 policy limits, Omni Insurance Company forced the negligent driver to go to trial against M.G. The Soloway Law Firm was able to recover a jury verdict and ultimate judgment exceeding $1 million, and subsequent bad faith claims against Omni and legal malpractice claims against the defense attorneys resulted in M.G. recovering more than 24 times the low policy limits she was deprived of years earlier.

G.M. v. Doe (civil rights) ($925,000.00)

G.M. suffered a hip injury when he was told to jump down from a pick-up truck while performing work for the Escambia County Road Prison. Rather then take G.M. to the hospital for an x-ray or provide him any medical care, a physician’s assistant posing as a doctor at the Road Prison was deliberately indifferent to G.M.’s medical needs. The Soloway Law Firm recovered a Judgment on Jury Verdict after the federal trial and appeal equalling $925,000.00.

Estate of T.R. v. DeSue (wrongful death) ($600,000.00)

When T.R. was arrested on a misdemeanor charge near Gainesville, Florida, the local jail was aware that this 19 year old was pregnant. She began having severe abdominal pain, but the jail authorities merely placed her in an isolation cell so her cries of pain could not be heard. She was found unresponsive by morning, dead of an ectopic pregnancy. The Soloway Law Firm recovered a settlement for T.R.’s mother of $600,000.00 while the case was on federal court appeal in Atlanta, Georgia.


Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results as noted above, as every claim is different. Results will therefore vary, based on the circumstances of each individual case.

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