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  • $600,000

    Estate of T.R. v. DeSue

    A wrongful death settlement stemming from the mistreatment of a pregnant 19 year old in an isolation cell who died from an untreated ectopic pregnancy.

  • $925,000

    G.M. v. Doe

    A work injury suffered while working for the Escambia County Road Prison and subsequent medical malpractice resulted in a verdict for $925,000.

  • $1 Million

    M.G. v. Leatherberry

    An auto accident injured our client and the insurance company forced the negligent driver to go to trial, resulting in a judgment exceeding $1 million.

  • $1.2 Million

    Estate of T.F. v. FBOP

    This Federal Bureau of Prisons medical malpractice case resulted in a then-record $1.2 million settlement for our client’s child and family.

  • $9.813 million

    B.S. v. Crown Partners, Inc.

    A trip and fall accident due to an unrepaired hole left our client with multiple major injuries, Soloway fought the defendant and recovered $9.813 million.