We handle most social security claims and appeals, including those filed for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance, including children’s and widows’ claims) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) cases.  Mr. Soloway has handled such claims since 1985, and the firm handles such claims through every step: Application, Reconsideration, ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) Hearing, Appeals Council, and all federal court appeals deemed necessary.

Most legal residents of the United States have a Social Security Number, and when you are working, taxes are deducted and paid under your number (usually called FICA) and put into funds and programs.  One of the funded programs is SSDI, in order to provide income to people who are physically or psychologically restricted from performing work on a regular, full time and continuous basis.  In order to be “insured” and entitled to a SSDI benefit, one usually must have worked 5 years (20 quarters) during the 10 year (40 quarter) period ending when one becomes disabled from employment.  Other names for SSDI are “Disability Insurance Benefits” (DIB) or “Title II Benefits.”

Read more about SSDI from the Social Security Administration here.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), on the other hand, is a benefit available to low-income disabled persons regardless of prior employment in the previous 10 years.  In order to receive SSI benefits, a person must have income below certain limits and resources below a certain limit.  If these limits are met, then under the SSI program, a monthly federal cash benefit of up to $721.00 for an individual and $1,082.00 for a couple (as of 2014) can be paid to help meet the costs of living.

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At the Soloway Law Firm, we take a team approach to your social security case.  One attorney will always take the lead, and Mr. Soloway supervises the handling of each case.  A legal assistant provides further support, collecting the medical evidence requested by the attorney that is felt to be necessary to build and win your case.  The goal of our representation is to handle your case in a way and to an extent that you never have to go through with this frustration ever again – that is, we seek to win your case the first time, so that it is the only time you have to deal with this legal process.  Through our hard work, we believe that success will be the outcome when we handle your SSDI and/or SSI case.